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Reef Convention Center and Cafe Pescador, Xai Xai, Mozambique

The project started in June 2014 and initially we were given an empty shell to transform into a hall that would be uncluttered, light and unique, and be able to accommodate 300 pax. The premises is 100m from the high water mark of the Indian Ocean and an ‘elegant with character’ theme was followed throughout – lots of white walls with turquoise aged paint techniques on furniture and a built in bar. Recycled glass chandeliers, beaded wall sconces and huge mosaic bordered mirrors make the venue sparkle, while indirect colour changing LEDs’ allow the neutral walls to be washed with any colour a particular theme would call for. The floors, concrete counters and benches were finished with a sand coloured decorative screed and sealed with a high gloss industrial epoxy coating. There were various other one-off projects such as making an entrance light from a found whale bone and hollowed out coconut shells, and a large Matisse image of seaweed in white and mirror mosaic.

Cafe Pescador is the restaurant on Reef premises and we did various mosaics, paint techniques (walls, furniture and floors) and made a few recycled glass chandeliers.

Reef Resort, Xai Xai, Mozambique

Once the convention center was complete we began working through the 20 self catering villas on the resort...a huge push to finish before the December holiday makers arrive. This party of the project included repairing and restoring 100’s of square meters of wooden decks, repairing and restoring all outside furniture and general maintenance. The walls of each unit facing the ocean were painted with a technique to help conceal stains (not dirt) caused by the fine spray from the ocean – the walls were painted with a great quality exterior paint not even 3 years ago and was still sound. This initiative alone saved the client in excess of 50 x 20 litres of paint!

The Barnyard Theatres – Rivonia and Emperors Palace.

We designed and manufactured recycled glass chandeliers for these two theatres. I worked jointly on the ones in Rivonia as part of a team from an NGO based in Limpopo – 4 x tiered pieces hanging over the coffee shop. The 6 rectangle ‘beds’ made for Emperors Palace give the impression of a suspended glass ceiling, manufactured jointly with a charity and Green Light District.

Disaster Management Center – Nelspruit

I was part of the team that designed, manufactured and installed 30 small chandeliers in white, tope and red (300mm wide x 600mm length), a medium one for above the reception desk (in white and red) and a large one (1m wide x 1.8m length) suspended 9 meters above the ground using white glass and mirrors. There were also numerous areas in the building where we did paint techniques on the walls.

Once Off Bespoke Pieces

We all (ok, most of us) have objects that have sentimental value and would like them to be re-purposed into something functional instead of getting rid of them or putting them in often these items have been made into a lamp / are a few such projects that I LOVED doing.

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